Rwandan Genocide

Extradition of Rwandan Delayed by European Court

The European Court of Human Rights has requested that Sweden delay its extradition of a 53-year-old Rwandan man suspected of killing 28 people during the country’s 1994 genocide.

The Swedish Supreme Court ruled on May 26 that no legal hinders existed against extraditing the man, and the Swedish government later agreed last week. But the European Court decided Wednesday that it wants to examine the case further.

The man actually lives in Denmark, but was captured last year when he travelled with his wife to renew her passport at the Rwandan Embassy in Sweden. Being a Hutu, he claims that he can never receive a fair trial in Rwanda, and that he will certainly be executed.

If the European Court of Human Rights approves the extradition decision, Sweden will become the first EU country to extradite a genocide suspect to Rwanda.