Armed Forces

Army Wants to Upgrade Helicopters

The Swedish Armed Forces is considering upgrading five 20-year-old helicopters at a cost of 64 million dollars because its order of 18 new helicopters has not been delivered on time. As Radio Sweden reported Monday, the helicopters were set to arrive between 2005 and 2009, but now they won’t be fully operational until 2020 because of manufacture delays.

Anders Silwer, Commandor of the Swedish Air Force, says in a Swedish Radio News interview that the upgrades are needed to fill the “gap” created by the helicopters’ late delivery.

But Christian Democrat MP Elsemarie Lindgren is skeptical of upgrading the old helicopters, suggesting instead that the Armed Forces look into establishing a pool of helicopters in Nordic region or rent helicopters from other EU countries.

“Other options need to be looked into first,” she says.