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Job Losses to Hit Some Groups Harder

Next year Sweden could see severe unemployment - and for some groups it will be especially bitter, says the Swedish Employment Service (arbetsförmedlingen).

They estimate that around one in three young persons, and immigrants from outside Europe, will face life without work. The Employment Service says that it is a lack of qualifications, especially high school graduation, that makes the difference, and they therefore want to see a big investment in education.

The Employment service predicts unemployment levels next year of 25% for those born outside Sweden; 33% for those from outside Europe. For the young (16-24) across the board the proportion out of work could be as high as 35%.

And even higher for those within those groups who did not finish high school (gymnasium).

Tord Strannefors is an analyst at the Employment Service. He says that Sweden's job market is on the brink of a generation shift and that Sweden needs to get these young people and immigrants educated and into jobs, in order to replace the big surge of pensioners of the next few years.