Widening income gap between men and women in Swedenwidening

Mind the Gap

The difference between men's and women's income in Sweden has grown in recent years. New figures show that the average difference in income has increased by almost 1700 US dollars per annum, about 130 dollars a month, since 2006.

The figures come from a study carried out by the Parliament’s Inquiry Service and requested by the Left Party. In an article in Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter on Wednesday Left Party leader Lars Ohly and mp Ulla Andersson write that the analysis also indicates that tax cuts from the last few years have benefited men more than women. According to the report, 57 % of tax reductions go to men and only 43 % to women.

The analysis also shows that the number of Swedes living in poverty has increased from 9% to 11% over the last three years. During the same time the number of Swedish children living in poverty has increased from 19% to 30%.

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