Even More Immigrants in Certain Areas

Areas in Sweden where many immigrants live, now have an even higher proportion of immigrants than ten years ago, according to new data from Statistics Sweden.

For example, ten years ago, 66 % of people living in Ronna in Södertälje had immigrant background. Now 84 % there are immigrants. In 9 of the 38 studied areas, more than eight out of ten inhabitants are not originally from Sweden.

But the integration minister Nyamko Sabuni says the government does not see this as a problem in itself. The problem, she says, is that many of them are unemployed.. Sabuni therefore finds it particularly positive that the data also shows that the proportion of people in these areas who have got a job today is higher than it was ten years ago.

The Mayor of Södertälje, Anders Lago, on the other hand does not agree. Lago is known to the American Congress, where he gave a presentation after it was revealed that his little town has received more refugees from Iraq that the whole of US has. In a comment to the data from Statistics Sweden he says that "these areas become refugee reception areas", which he sees as " a very very serious problem for society".