Brahim Dahane

Activist Arrested on Way to Sweden

The head of a West Saharan human rights group has been arrested by Moroccan police on his way to a speaking engagement in Sweden. Brahin Dahane, president of the ASVDH, Sahrawi Association of Human Rights Victims, was supposed to be a speaker at the annual Palme Days here in Stockholm.

 According to reports Dahane and six other human rights activisits were arrested at Casablanca airport on Thursday, accused of membership in banned organisations.

Palme Days, which began Saturday, are held annually here in honor of the slain Swedish prime minister Olof Palme. Jens Orback, secretary general of the Olof Palme International Center, condemned the arrest, adding “this is how frightened states function”.

The Western Sahara was occupied by Morocco when the Spanish withdrew from their colony there in 1975. According to the TT news agency, around two-thirds of the area has been taken back by the Western Saharan Polisario Front.

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