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One Vaccination Enough?

Updated 18:58

The manufacturers of the anti-Swine Flue vaccine are now saying that one dose will be enough to give full protection. This is despite the fact that Swedish health authorities have advised Swedes to get two shots.

The details will have to be checked by EU medicine authority Emea, but if true would mean that countries like Sweden, which has bought two doses for each citizen, will have millions of doses to spare and will probably sell or donate them to less well prepared countries. However, Swedish authorities have yet to reach a final decision as to how many doses of vaccine the public will receive.

"There hasn't been enough studies yet to base a decision on. We will await the results and then make a decision based on scientifically proven facts," said Swedish Minister for Health, Maria Larsson, to Swedish Radio News.

And according to Anders Tegnell of the National Board of Health and Welfare, there are as of yet no plans to change the upcoming vaccination campaign in Sweden.

"When we have finished distributing the first dose we should have reached November or December. By then we should have more reliable information," he said to Radio News.

Sweden has purchased two doses of vaccine for everyone - a total of 18 million doses. But if many can do with just one, the Board calculates the surplus to be around 5 million doses. And in that case the vaccine with be sold to other countries in need, according to the Minister for Health.

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