Sweden Democrats In Lindgren Row

The far-right Sweden Democrats ended their party conference Sunday, with their policies against immigration highest up on the agenda.

The party wants to stop labour immigration to Sweden, scrap government schemes to get newly-arrived immigrants jobs, and only give limited residence permits.

Moves to scrap all foreign aid and to re-introduce the death penalty to Sweden were voted down.

In a speech party secretary Björn Söder likened the Sweden Democrat vision of a perfect society to a scene in an Astrid Lindgren children's book, something which angered her family.

"It was perfectly clear to my mum never to turn away any child that came to Sweden", Lindgren's daughter told tabloid Expressen.

Close friend and biographer Margareta Strömstedt added, "This is completely against everything Astrid Lindgren stood for. She would have been one of the leading figures in the fight against the Sweden Democrats", Strömstedt claimed. Lindgren died in 2002.

The far-right Sweden Democrats are not represented in the Swedish parliament, but have won seats in local council elections, mainly in the south of the country.

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