Rick Falkvinge of the Pirate Party

Pirate Party Meet on the Internet

This week saw the beginning of the Swedish Pirate Party's extraordinary annual meeting.

Where most other parties take the opportunity to let members socialize, the Pirate Party has chosen to hold theirs on the Internet.

“We want all our 50,000 members having the opportunity to take part in the meeting and cast their vote. This type of internal democracy is very important to us,” Pirate Party leader Rick Falkvinge told Swedish Radio News.

 Even if all the Pirate Party’s members will have the opportunity to take part, only a small minority actually does. When Falkvinge was elected party head the party consisted of about 10,000 members. Out of these, only 106 members voted. How many will take part in the meeting this week is still uncertain, but Falkvinge is hoping for a better result than last time.

“We are working at trying to boost participation. I am not trying to hide the situation in any way. That is why we are experimenting with ways of holding the meeting over an extended period of time. We are breaking new ground here, and in doing so, one has to experiment,” Falkvinge told Swedish Radio News.

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