The Left Party's leader Lars Ohly (on the left) with his opposition partners

Ohly in Favour of Broad Opposition Platform

The Leader of the Left party, Lars Ohly, has announced a change of heart, and is now willing to agree on a broad political platform with the other two opposition parties, the Greens and the Social Democrats.

Earlier, the Left party has been in favour of a more limited platform between the three opposition parties, so that each party could go to the polls with a their own programme first and foremost. Now Ohly says that he has changed his mind.

"I have realised that many people demand that we as a government alternative answer some questions where I before thought we could go to the polls with only the party's own policies. I do not think that anymore. For example issues concerning the welfare system, the fight against unemployment and the climate crisis are all issues where it is demanded that the government alternative shows what it wants to do," Ohly told Swedish Radio News.

Ohly also said that foreign and security policy as well as EU policies also might be part of a joint platform. These questions are otherwise where the parties normally are seen to have most disagreements. But Ohly does not think it is impossible for the three parties to agree also on a platform for these areas.

"It is more important that we change the Government than that the Left party grows" Ohly told the News Agency TT.

Ohly's comments comes ahead of the meeting of the party's executive group this coming weekend, when they will decide on their proposal to a party platform ahead of next year's election.

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