From the FS18 training exercises on Gotland

Hopes and Concerns of Swedish ISAF

The next Swedish force to be sent to Afghanistan is currently training on the island of Gotland. The 494 members of the FS 18 unit will be part of the ISAF force, and will be stationed in northern Afghanistan from November until May next year. During the training exercises, the force met the press, and our reporter Alberico Lecchiniasked Corporal Daniel Jansson about his hopes for the mission.

We also asked about his concerns about serving in Afghanistan.

Two years ago Radio Sweden's George Wood visited a unit training to go to Afghanistan at a base just north of Stockholm. Here's video from one of their excercises: 

This clip is just a small part of a lengthy role-playing exercise in which the Swedish patrol breaks up and mediates a feud between two families in a village, through an interpreter.

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