Climate Friendly Nobel?

Serve a climate friendly menu at the Nobel dinner, please! In an open letter from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation to the Nobel Foundation on Wednesday, the Society asked that the Nobel menu include more vegetables and only organic and locally bred meat.

As the Nobel dinner will be taking place at the same time as the Copenhagen Climate conference the Society thinks it would be appropriate with a more environment friendly menu. They say that past menus have been pretty appalling from an eco-friendly point of view. To prove that it is possible the Society asked Chef Magnus Ek to present an alternative Nobel menu, devoid of bottom trawled langoustines or near extinct Sole.

The general secretary of the Nobel Foundation, Michael Sohlman, says that they appreciate the thought but that the advice comes a little late.

“The actual Nobel dinner menu has been set for ages and is a secret until it is actually served.  But we keep that kind of a discussion going with our caterer, so we have already been thinking along those lines,” he said to Swedish News agency TT.

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