Trust for Reinfeldt at Record High

Prime Minister Reinfeldt enjoys a record high support from the voters, according to a new opinion poll, published in the daily Dagens Nyheter. More than half of the voters, 54 %, say they trust him. This is the highest rating he has been given in an opinion poll since he became leader of the Conservative Party.

Nine out of ten of those asked who are voting for the government said they trusted Reinfeldt, but also a third of the opposition voters did so. It is assumed that Reinfeldt benefits from the fact that he is seen a lot on the international stage, now that Sweden holds the presidency of the EU.

The politician to come second in the poll is not the opposition leader Mona Sahlin from the Social Democrats, but the Green Party leader Maria Wetterstrand, also in the opposition. 38 % of those asked said they trust her, which is a significant gain since the last poll in the spring, when her rating was at 28%.

Mona Sahlin came in forth, on 31 %. The lowest rating was given to the leader of the Left party, Lars Ohly, who has the trust of 20 % of the voters. Only Prime Minister Reinfeldt has more voters who trust him than who do not.

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