More People are Calling in Sick

The number of people off sick from work increased last week reached the highest level so far this autumn. 3,9 % of the Swedish workforce was off sick last week. Seven out of ten of those who stayed at home did so due to fever and symptoms of a cold, or in order to take care of an ill child.

But so far, the spread of Swine Flu has not really made an imprint on the number of people off sick, according to the health company Previa, which has collected the statistics.

Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign to try to stop the pandemic in its tracks continues.

However, as Radio Sweden has reported earlier, in areas where many immigrants live, the number of people who are prepared to take the vaccine is lower than elsewhere in the country. Swedish Radio News report that only between 20 and 30 % of the parents in northern Botkyrka south of Stockholm have said yes to let their children be vaccinated. This can be compared to over 80 % in other parts of Stockholm.

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