The former Youth Hostel ahs been turned into a refugee centre against the council's wishes

All Quiet in Vellinge

A large media and security presence was in place on Saturday, but expected demonstrations failed to take place in the town of Vellinge in Southern Sweden which has become embroiled in controversy over plans by the neighbouring City of Malmö turn a former youth hostel in the town into a transit centre for refugee children.

The local Vellinge Council has vehemetly opposed the plans but could do nothing to stop 30 boys under the age of 18 moving into the centre on Thursday.

The plans have caused a lot of upset in Vellinge, but the minister for immigration, Tobias Billström has said that receiving child refugees who come here without their parents is a responsibility for Swedish councils "whether Vellinge wants it or not".

He also pointed out that the council's financial arguments against the plans were untenable, since the council will get full compensation from the state for its costs.

Southern Sweden has seen the number of lone coming child refugees - mainly from Afghanistan and Somalia - increasing sharply since this summer and the lack of accommodation is acute.

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