Men - Climate Culprits?

Men are the biggest culprits when it comes to climate change, according to the Swedish Left party. In a report called Climate Justice, the party claims that single Swedish males without children use up 20 % more energy than women in the same situation. They also use more energy on transport, as the majority of Swedish car owners are men and 30% more women than men use public transport.

The report also shows, that men contribute more to emissions as they eat more meat, which has to be imported and sometimes transported vast distances to reach Sweden.

“This is life style patterns that we want to try to break. But there is no gain in just lashing out at men. Changes can only be made by both encouraging and criticizing,” said Wiwi-Anne Johansson, the environmental spokesperson for the Left Party to Swedish news agency TT.

The Left Party aims to set a goal to decrease meat consumption by 25 % by 2020. In the party’s climate policies there are also investments into Swedish public transport and plans for making it more expensive to drive a car.

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