Östberg Release Date Angers Some

Monday's court decision to release Annika Östberg from jail in May 2011 has angered some back in the United States where she served 28 years of a life sentence for her part in two murders. 

Californian policeman Bob Malley told Swedish Radio News that he was "sick to his stomach," after hearing that Örebro district court had reduced Annika Östberg's life sentence to a fixed 45 year term.

The court decided that with the 55 year old having spent 28 years in prison in the United States, and then six months behind bars in Sweden since her transfer in April, she should be freed in May 2011 when she would have served two-thirds of her sentence.

For Bob Malley, who's police friend and colleague Richard Helman was shot twice by Annika Östberg's boyfriend in 1981, the Swede should never have been allowed to live; " I think she should have got the death penalty, he had to pay the ultimate price and so should she."

Since her return to Sweden, Östberg has been outside the prison walls several times on supervised leave to begin the process of preparing to return to society. Her Swedish lawyer says she hopes to work with animals on her release. Her American lawyer Ashuk Ramani said justice has been served

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