vellinge municipality

U-Turn on Refugee refusal?

Politicians in the southern town of Vellinge, who've been refusing to take in around 30 child refugees could be about to make a U-turn. The conservative Moderate party that dominates Vellinge have been roundly criticised by the national party leaders for their refusal to accept proposed housing for refugee children - especially vulnerable as they came to Sweden unaccompanied.

But on Thursday an extra meeting of the local Moderate party was held - and their chair says to news agency TT that they are likely to sign an agreement with the Migration board in a few weeks.

The initial reaction of local Moderate chief Lars-Ingvar Ljungman to angrily reject Malmö city's plans to house child asylum seekers in Vellinge has cause nation wide attention to focus on this small town. The main southern broadsheet newspaper, Sydsvenskan, recently conducted a poll showing that a majority of Vellings residents say they do not share the local Moderate party's opposition to the refugee children.

The neighbouring municipality of Sjöbo is also reversing its former opposition to take in four child asylum seekers.