Söderling Nadal's Nemesis?

Swedish Robin Söderling beat Spanish Rafael Nadal with a straight sets victory at the ATP World Tour Tennis Finals in London Monday.

With a 6-4 6-4 win in the opening Group B round- robin phase, Söderling, who was only in the competition as a replacement for injured Andy Roddick, beat the world's number 2, Nadal, for the second time this year.

The four times French Open defending champion Nadal had his winning streak crushed by Söderling this spring at Roland Garros, and on Monday Söderling gave a repeat performance. Having had the best year of his career so far, he arrived in London with few expectations riding on him and under less pressure than Nadal.

Nadal did not come with excuses after the match but said that he hadn't played as well as he could. He also quickly dismissed the idea that he had come to London's former Millennium Dome with any intention to have his revenge on Söderling for Roland Garros. Söderling, thrilled with the win, said that he was pleased he'd been able to hold his nerve during the decisive moments and that his game has improved immensely this year for having had the opportunity to meet many great players on the courts.

Söderling will meet Novak Djokovic, seeded number 3 in the world, on Wednesday.