15 Dead From Swine Flu in Sweden

Updated 10:45

Sweden's Institute for Infectious Disease Control on Monday published an updated Swine Flu fatality list, stating that 14 people in the Country had died from the virus so far. By Tuesday morning that number had increased to 15.

Three women and eleven males have succumbed to H1N1 including two three year old boys. Both children were in the risk groups. Otherwise, most of the dead are over 50 and the majority of those were also in the risk groups. Only three out of eleven of the victims were not in the risk groups.

According to Andreas Heddini of the Institute for Infectious Disease these numbers are within what experts estimated.

" There have been fewer casualties than feared so far, but this kind of thing is always difficult to estimate," Heddini said to Swedish news agency TT.

Where many countries in Europe are now reporting that the spread of the flu has peaked, Sweden was one of three countries where figures showed a speeded up spread of the disease last week. The other two countries were Norway and Italy.