Fewer Cases of Swine Flu Up North

The spread of the Swine flu virus in Sweden is not increasing as rapidly as it earlier. The number of people who fell ill with the disease this week is the same as last. But authorities say it is too early to think that the spread may have peaked in Sweden.

In total, there have been 9000 recorded cases of Swine Flu in Sweden. This week's figures are the same as last week's, indicating no increase in the spread. Also, there are geographical differences. The spread seems to have slowed down in the more northern parts of Sweden, where the number of recorded cases has halved since last week.

 Despite this, it is hard to say if the spread has peaked, according to Johan Carlson, head of the Institute for Infectious Disease Control.

 So far almost 3 million Swedes have been vaccinated against the disease - about 35 % of the population. To prevent the disease from spreading 50 - 60 % of the population need to get vaccinated.

 Anders Tegnell of the National Board of Health and Welfare thinks that Sweden may reach that target fairly soon.

 "If we continue the vaccination process as we are right now, we should have reached that target in a couple of more weeks,” he said to Swedish Radio News.

 Twelve people have so far died after being vaccinated against swine flu. In eleven of these cases the primary cause of death has been established as not connected to the vaccine.

The most recent case, where a 50-year old man died, is under investigation. The man has been through a heart transplant 18 years ago and according to the Swedish Medical Products Agency, he had been lax with his medication.

 Minister for Public Health, Maria Larsson, does not think that this should be cause for alarm for the general public.

”There were other circumstances connected to his death. I hope it will not lead to the Swedish people being less inclined to go and get vaccinated," Larsson told Swedish Radio News.