Speculations on Saab Future Continue

Updated 19:41

After the announcement Tuesday that the small Swedish sports-car maker, Koenigsegg, was pulling out of the take-over due to the many delays in the complicated negotiations, there have been many rumours as to other interested parties.

Names mentioned at the moment are American investment bank Merbanco, the head of which was over to Sweden this summer to inspect the factory in Trollhättan. Merbanco was long in the running when the GM board were discussing potential buyers.

 Another possibility mentioned is the Chinese BAIC - as well as other Chinese manufacturers. According to agents for BAIC they are still interested to be part of the Saab sale - as sole buyers or as financial backer.

That the state won't go in and buy up Saab is certain. Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said on Thursday that the government has no intention to buy up an American owned company at the expense of the Swedish tax-payer.

At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Saab CEO Jan-Åke Jonsson criticised the government for doing too little.

"The best thing the Swedish government could do for Saab now is help shorten the time for a new deal as much as possible", Jonsson said.

The GM board will now have to consider the other potential buyers and take the decision on whether to sell Saab or close it down. The decision is expected after Tuesdays board meeting.