Icy Cold Holds Grip on Sweden

Like much of the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, Sweden is shivering at the moment, as temperatures plummet. Even though this country is used to the cold, this winter is a bit unusual compared with the past two or three. Temperatures are expected to plummet below -40 deg C over the next few days in northern and central parts, and even in the south temperatures may not rise much before -10.

Quite a shock for a country which has been getting used to slightly milder winters over the past few years.

So why have the temperatures plummeted so far below zero this year, and what kind of problems will it cause Sweden?

TV weatherman, Per-Erik Åberg, says the culprit is a prevailing wind from the Arctic this winter, rather than warmer westerly winds from the Atlantic. He adds that although the north of the country is used to the biting temperatures, Swedes living in the south of the country are less hardened, and aren't as prepared as they would have been 20 years ago.

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