Per Schlingmann
gender equality

Moderates "May Consider" Board Room Quotas

The largest party in Sweden's current centre-right coalition government, the conservative Moderates, say they will consider introducing legislation forcing companies to have more women on their boards, if the companies don't manage it by themselves by 2014.

Speaking to Swedish Radio News, Moderate party secretary Per Schlingmann says that if companies haven't improved the gender balance in their boardrooms by the end of the next parliament, then the government may consider forcing them.

He says that that gender equality is one of the biggest growth potentials in the Swedish economy.

"We have a problem with women earning less than men, owning less, and having few top-level jobs than men. There is a huge potential there", he says.

None of the other three parties in the centre-right coalition have so far come out in favour of quotas in company boardrooms.

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