Swedish Law on "Grooming" Worthless?

Sweden’s new law criminalizing adults contacting children on the internet for sex is being criticized as “toothless” and with police giving this no priority – since there has not been a single  prosecution after the law went into effect last July.

Not even cases where adults actually met later with some of the children and tried to have sex with them have led to any convictions.

The Swedish law was a product of sharp criticism earlier – claiming that unlike Britain and some other countries, there was no Swedish ban on what is called “grooming” of youngsters over the internet.

Meanwhile, critics within the police here are angry that the equivalent of 1 million US dollars set aside to combat prostitution have not been used and are now frozen.

Police argue that some of their colleagues complain that they don’t have enough resources to fight illegal prostitution and trafficking – while at the same time not bothering to make use of the funds that exist.

Sweden and neighboring Norway are the only two countries in the world which outlaw the customer paying for sexual services but not the prostitute her- or himself.

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