Gov't Goes Up Against Human Trafficking

The Swedish government is pushing legislation to make it easier to pursue and convict people accused of human trafficking. Although human trafficking has been classified as a crime for eight years, only 21 convictions have come as a result.

And this, Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask says, is far too few. According to news bureau TT, the legislation from 2002 has been called toothless and vague, which Ask hopes to fix. The refined law will, among other things, take away the necessity to prove the extent of control a person has over his or her victim.

“Few things can be worse than the exploitation and assault of vulnerable people. Throughout the world and unfortunately also in Sweden, sex trafficking is often organized by serious criminals. Human trafficking is also a part of a multi-criminal operation that hits hardest against those who are the weakest,” Justice Minister Beatrice Ask said at a press conference on Thursday.

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