Wind Power Norrland

County Councils Demand Compensation for Wind Power Turbines

Municipal authorities in the north of Sweden are upset over government plans to build thousands of wind turbines over the next few years.

The expected negative consequences on Norrland's tourism and business from the wind turbines have led to ten municipalities to join forces and demand compensation from the government.

Locals claim that the areas in which wind power stations are planned will inevitably suffer financial losses. They argue that the landscape will be ruined and therefore have a detramental effect on tourism.

In the county of Västerbotten alone, 1,100 wind turbines are in the pipeline, of which 100 will be placed in Måla.

"We are simply demanding to keep a percentage of what our regions produce to the rest of the nation" says Malå's County Councillor Arne Hellsten to Ekot Wednesday.

However, the Undersecretary of State at the Department of Industry, Ola Alterå said to Ekot that no such compensation is being negotiated at present.

"Then again it's a question of how the counties and local residents can use this positive development to their advantage. Perhaps residents can become joint owners, these types of questions. Discussions are underway between the counties and branches, as it is right now I see no reason for the government to intervene", says Ola Alterå to Ekot.

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