Snow & Winds Blast Sweden, Cause Chaos

Updated 4:01 PM

Coming on the heels of a Class 2 weather warning issued by the Swedish meteorological service, a severe snowstorm is plaguing southern and central Sweden, bringing heavy snowfall, icy conditions, and high winds in its wake.

A great number of roofs have buckled throughout the country due to the weight of snow, including tennis halls and farmhouses, and trains, buses, and cars have ground to halt in the snowdrifts.

Public transportation has been delayed or altogether cancelled in numerous cities throughout the country, and train travel has been sidelined in many places, including a number of routes in the Gothenburg area. Sweden's railway, SJ, encouraged all travellers to check its website for information before leaving for the train station.

"We want to avoid people going to the stations unnecessarily. Substitute transportation with buses or taxis is completely unsuitable with the difficult road conditions," Elisabeth Lindgren, SJ's communications director, wrote in a press release.

The storm also caused power outages in southern Sweden, leaving 3,000 people in the dark. TT reports that temperatures crept above zero after the storm passed through the area, leaving behind wet snow that weighed down power lines.

Between 20 and 30 centimeters of snow are expected to fall in Sweden's southern and eastern areas on Saturday alone, though the storm should pass by Sunday.