Fraud Allegations

List Set as Seven Moderates Resign

Updated 4:52 PM

Six politicians from the centre-right Moderate Party in Stockholm withdrew their bids to run in this year's general election on Friday as a scandal over internal vote rigging grows, bringing the total number of resignations to seven.

The Stockholm party candidate list is now complete, however, meaning that no other politicians are likely to be drawn into the scandal.

Last week, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt's Moderates were rocked by fraud allegations when a Stockholm city councilor was forced to withdraw his candidacy after admitting to paying the membership fees for new members-thereby increasing his chances of nomination to the party's electoral list.

On Friday, two men withdrew their candidacy for the Moderate Party in Stockholm after fraud allegations, and another three candidates disappeared from the lists late in the day after an internal investigation.

"I am sad, angry and disappointed over what has been the worst week ever for this association," Sten Nordin, chairman of the party's Stockholm branch told Swedish Radio News, adding that a full review of the nomination procedures was needed.