Shoveling snow near Stockholm's centra station.

Continued Chaos on Swedish Railways

Updated 1:32 PM

The storm that has dumped snow and paralyzed Swedish train, automobile, and bus traffic has begun easing up, but severe transportation problems remain. Swedish Railways (SJ) shut down many of the country’s train routes on Sunday morning, including all traffic to and from Stockholm’s central station, but the trains have now begun rolling again, albeit slowly. 

According to news agency TT, railroad tracks across the country are too clogged with snow to allow for safe passage at the usual speed.

But many travelers caught in the snow on Saturday before the cancellations began. People began calling to Swedish Radio News to describe the situation on the severely delayed Gothenburg to Stockholm route, telling of how there was no food or water left on the train.

One female train traveler told newspaper Aftonbladet that “first it was hysteric, but now people are completely apathetic. You have given up hope of ever arriving.”

SJ can now report that every train that left on Saturday has reached its destination, but delays of ten to fifteen hours were not uncommon.

Parts of the Stockholm metro system had also been shut down because of frozen switches. Newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports that an underground train traveling in central Stockholm slid by two stations because the icy tracks made it impossible to stop.

The snow is expected to stop falling in southern and central Sweden by Sunday afternoon, though a new storm will arrive on Monday.

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