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25 Ambassadors Named in Food Pursuit

Twenty-five new “food ambassadors” were appointed by Minister for Agriculture Eskil Erlandsson as part of the government’s multi-million plan to put Sweden on the map of culinary greatness. Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Erlandsson said that the new ambassadors are business owners from throughout Sweden who all have one thing in common: they are “united in their love of food.”

According to news agency TT, the food-lovers’ task will be to help spread the vision of Sweden as Europe’s top culinary country. The government hopes the investment will have some real economic effects, too; the goal is that 10,000 new jobs will appear in the countryside as a result, and that hotel stays will increase 20% during the program’s three-year period.

The government will invest 160 million kronor or 22 million US dollars in the pursuit through 2013.