Royal Wedding to Sell Swedish Brands

If the Minister for Trade has her way, the royal wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling will not just celebrate love, but also sell Swedish brands. Calling the wedding “a unique opportunity to be seen in the rest of the world,” Ewa Björling described how companies like Volvo, Ikea, and Metro will take part in what the government has dubbed “Brands of Sweden,” a commercial campaign to promote Swedish business interests.

But it won’t result in a city overrun by publicity gimmicks, she ensures. The companies involved will have to act in a “dignified manner,” and won’t be allowed to display their own brands anywhere but inside their own tents.

The Swedish government has undoubtedly drawn inspiration from its Danish neighbors, whose own royal wedding in 2004 was a wildly successful economic affair for the country.

“We are counting on 700-800 foreign journalists coming and that sales before, during, and after the wedding will reach 2.5 billion knonor,” Björling said at a press conference on Wednesday.

“We now have the chance to show what a modern, open and innovative country we have, and to connect Sweden to Swedish companies. That connection needs to be strengthened.”

It is still not clear how much each company will pay to participate in the event.