Lower Bills with Hourly Meter Reading

If the electricity companies start reading the electricity meter hourly, consumers could save thousands of crowns, according to the Government.

More detailed information will make the consumers more aware of what part of the day the electricity is cheaper, and when it is more expensive, and thereby allow them to plan their usage more efficiently.

The government now wants to change the rules so that electricity companies read the meters more often than they do today, when the electricity bills are based on the average price during the whole month.

Normally, the households use most electricity in the mornings and in the afternoon, but if this could be spread out more during the day, for example if people run the washing machine during the night, the whole electricity system would benefit from it and become more stabile, according to Tommy Johansson, department manager at the Energy Markets Inspectorate.

The inspectorate has been given the task to investigate how to bring about the changes, and it has until December to come up with its conclusions and recommendations.