Labour market

Govt Agencies Told to Provide 65,000 Trainee Positions

It was supposed to help 130,000 unemployed people stay in touch with the labour market, but the Government's drive to find such a large amount of short-term trainee positions in the public and the voluntary sector has failed.

Now the Minister of Labour demands that Government departments and state agencies come up with half of the positions. Only the National Tax Office is expected to offer 6000 trainee positions.

"When I got the letter, I was convinced it was a misprint, and that they had happened to write one zero too many," the Tax Offices head of human resources, Elisabeth Bjar, told the news agency TT.

The Minister of Labour, Sven Otto Littorin says that he is aware that they are aiming high, and that they probably will not reach all the way, but that he wants to put pressure on the agencies and authorities to help out.