Transport Companies Apologise for Chaotic Week

As we reach the end of a chaotic week in public transport, the transport companies seem to be falling over each other to apologise and to offer compensation.

The public transport company in Stockholm, SL, announced on Friday that it will be giving a week's discount on its monthly passes. In a series of full page adverts in national newspapers, the head of SL can be seen offering a "full and genuine apology" to the "hundreds of thousands of travellers" who have been affected by a public transport system that did not work.

The national rail company SJ has already reinstated it's so called "travel guarantee", which allows passengers to get part of the train fare back, if the train arrives over an hour late. SJ caused anger when it last weekend said that the guarantee was cancelled, because the state of the country's rail tracks was beyond its control - ie the responsibility of the government agency the Swedish Rail Administration.

There are still delays on the railways and several trains are still being cancelled, but the situation is reported to have improved considerably compared to the beginning of the week.

With rising temperatures, the nation's meteorological institute SMHI is now warning road travellers in western and central parts of the country that the roads are very icy due to snowfall and freezing rain.