A US Airways plane had to land on the Hudson, after colliding with birds

Special Light to Scare Off Birds

Scientists in Uppsala believe a special light could be used to scare off birds that come too close to airplanes or wind power stations, Swedish Radio News reports.

By lighting bird feeding stations with the special light, the scientists at Uppsala University found they could halve the number of birds in the area. The light looks like a normal light to humans, but scare off the birds.

During the day, birds generally have a better eye sight than humans, but at dusk and dawn it is worse. That is when the birds are attracted to lit up areas, which in turn can cause accidents.

Just over a year ago, a passenger plane had to emergency land on the Hudson River in New York, after having collided with a flock of geese. The collision took out the planes engine.

In Sweden, nothing as serious has happened, but some 160 accidents where planes crash into birds are reported annually.

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