16 Environmental Goals - But No Money

Sweden’s government won’t be injecting any more money into its campaign to fulfil its environmental goals, Swedish Radio News reports. The proposition to be presented next week only includes a few new environmental measures to protect the country’s waters, forests, and air quality.

The environmental goals, which now number 16, were first established in 1999. The thought was that Sweden could accomplish them by 2020 so that new generations won’t have to inherit our time’s environmental problems.

But a decade later, many of the 16 goals have seemed altogether too difficult to reach, and several have been reformulated to make them easier to achieve.

Yet Mikael Karlsson, chairman of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, thinks that the goals won’t be achieved, even in their more toothless versions.

“There’s a lot left to do before we’ll have a healthy environment for coming generations. And then the government comes with a package without contents. It’s completely empty, there isn’t any new money, no new offensive goals,” Karlsson told Swedish Radio News in an interview.

He maintains that the environment can’t be improved without more funding.

“I think that it stems from an unwillingness to take all the environmental goals seriously.”

The proposal will be finalized by Thursday next week.

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