JAS Gripen fighter jets

Report Slams Air Force for Near Crash

An investigation into a near-fatal 2007 incident with a JAS Gripen fighter jet and a passenger plane has found that the air force pilot was to blame, TT reports.

The Gripen plane was participating in a training exercise over the Baltic Sea when it missed crashing into the passenger aircraft with 30 people onboard by just seconds.

“This shouldn't be allowed to happen,” the Swedish Accident Investigation Board wrote.

According to the Board’s report, the pilot of the jet dipped in altitude despite instructions to the opposite.

The investigation revealed that this type of near-crash is not uncommon when it comes to military planes.

During the last nine years, 781 similar incidents have occurred in Sweden, though none as serious as the 2007 hairline miss.

“We can’t afford this many mistakes,” Göran Rosvall of the Accident Board told news agency TT. “They have to be minimized.”

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