Reinfeldt in Turkey (2009)
Systematic Killing of Armenians

Reinfeldt Won’t Call It Genocide

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has denied calling the systematic killing of up to 1.5 million Armenians during the Ottoman Empire genocide. In an interview with Swedish Radio, Reinfeldt said historians will have to continue to look into the events of 1915 before one could be sure that the incidents of that time really were genocide.

The Swedish Prime Minister once again pointed out that his government will not adopt the decision the Swedish parliament took earlier this week. In a narrow vote, lawmakers in Stockholm had stated that the killing of Armenians during World War I in what today is Turkey was genocide. The parliament’s decision had caused an outrage among leading Turkish politicians – with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatening to expel 100,000 illegal Armenian workers.

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