How poisonous is the colour?

Review of the Colours of Tattoos

The government wants a review of the carcinogenic and toxic substances in the products used by tattoo-studios. At the moment, there is no specific law for or risk assessment of these products in Sweden.

Eva Nilsson at the Swedish Chemicals Agency finds the situation odd, considering that cosmetic products are strictly regulated in this country. "that is quite crazy. It must be worse with having the paint under your skin than on it," she tells news agency TT.

Tattoo artists that the news agency has spoken to are worried that the review will result in too restrictive laws. "what worries me a bit is that Sweden has a tradition of banning things as a preventative measure, particularly on issues of a moral character," says Niklas Dahlin, tattoo artist in Stockholm.

According to TT, 17 % of 63 tattoo products examined in the Netherlands have proven to include carcinogenic substances.

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