Study: High Blood Pressure is Good

In a complete turnaround from previous research, a new Swedish medical study holds that high blood pressure can actually help a person survive when faced with extreme chest pain.

"This is revolutionary, a little of a Copernican shake-up," professor Fredrik Nyström at Linköping University told news agency TT. "The world isn't flat any longer."

The study builds on data from upwards of 120,000 patients who were admitted to Swedish hospitals after complaining of chest pain from 1997-2007.

The higher the blood pressure they had when admitted, the more likely they were to survive.

But professor Nyström was sure to say that the positive health effects associated with high blood pressure only apply when the body is in danger of a heart attack. In that case, high blood pressure acts as a sign of health, as it increases as the body reacts to the pains.

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