Breach of Exclusion Orders Seldom Punished

The law on exclusion orders, which bans a person from contacting for example a former partner, does not work. Only half of the breaches of the order are punished, according to Swedish Radio News.

Breaking the order, issued by a court, can lead to imprisonment for up to a year. But Gerd Holmberg, at a crisis centre for women in Trollhättan, tells Swedish Radio News that many women call the police again and again to report breaches of the order, but nothing happens.

The government has asked a review of the system as part of a new law, the so called "stalking law". According to Ebba Sverne Arvill, in charge of the review, exclusion orders will in the future be combined with a system where those who breach an order will be put under surveillance with the help of electronic tagging. The maximum sentence will also be increased to two years.

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