Young Workers: "McDonald's Cheats Us Out Of Wages"

Young people working at McDonald’s maintain that they have worked without pay and been denied overtime, television program Dokument Inifrån revealed in a documentary on Sunday.

Speaking to one hundred young workers, the show reported that the hamburger giant uses a number of different methods to deny them wages, including having them clock out when business is slow—but forcing them to stay on the premises and clock in again when sales pick up again.

Twenty of the hundred interviewed also said that the work schedules were actively changed by shift leaders in order to erase overtime.

Lotta Björk, McDonald’s personnel manager in Sweden, was surprised to hear that wages and overtime had been fiddled with.

“It’s clearly the case that someone has made a faulty decision to adjust this and that shouldn’t happen,” she told Swedish Radio News.

The revelation comes on the heels of reports last week that food sold at McDonald’s locations in Sweden was re-labelled to prolong its shelf life.