Spring Flooding Afflicts Sweden's North

Rapidly melting snow continues to plague northern Sweden, with flooding knocking out waters supplies and cutting off mountain roads with piles of debris.

The most acute water problems in the city of Skellefteå have now been relieved, however, a place where the taps ran dry for much of Monday after a local water purification plant was flooded.

But with only one reserve plant in use, the county water commissioner warns that the water situation is still quite vulnerable. Residents in the area have been instructed to use water sparingly.

Earlier on Monday, upwards of 200 people were evacuated from a mountainous border region near the border with Norway when landslides knocked out the only road out of the region.

And, unfortunately for residents of Sweden’s north, the Swedish Meteorological Institute (SMHI) warns that the high temperatures that have caused the rapid melting of winter snow will continue through the week. Then, an extreme rain storm may set in.

“The weather reports we have gotten from SMHI for the coming days are not good at all,” Per-Mats Öhberg of the Swedish Transportation Administration told news agency TT. “There is loads of snow left and with summer temperatures several days to come the melting of snow will result in loads of water.”