Bildt "Worried" by Korean Tension

Updated 8:30 PM

Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt says he's worried by the current developments on the Korean peninsula.

South Korea is accusing North Korea for having torpedoed and sunk one of their warships, 46 sailors died in the incident.

Bildt told Swedish Radio news:

"This is, of course, very serious. It's a provocation, an act of aggression. Then you can always ask yourself why they are doing it. Is it to provoke some kind of conflict, or even a war? We will have to make some kind of international diplomatic effort, some kind of action against North Korea will probably be necessary", he told SR.

What can the Security Council do?

"We'll have to see. There are already quite severe sanctions in place against North Korea. This is a regime that has isolated itself, but the North Korean government is facing growing problems when it comes to its economy, so we'll have to see what options there are".

The Foreign Minister also commented on Sweden's troop presence in Afghanistan, calling exit dates "wrong" and "dangerous."

"We don't want to send the message to the Afghan people that we are going to abandon them at one point in time," he said.