Terror Suspect To Be Held Without Bail

A man arrested in Gothenburg on Tuesday suspected of planning a terrorist attack in Somalia will be held without bail in the run-up to the trial.

Initial reports hold that the 23-year-old Swedish citizen began preparations for an attack while in Gothenburg, although the prosecution maintains that he was active in throughout Sweden and in Somalia as well.

Vice prosecutor Agnetha Hilding Qvarnström requested he remain in custody because he is considered a flight risk. In addition, she argued, the man could also continue with his criminal activities or destroy evidence if released.

According to newspaper Göteborgs-Posten, the man's mother said that her son, his partner, and their child travelled to Somalia about a year ago, returning to Sweden in March. While he was away, the police interrogated his friends, she told the newspaper.

The Swedish Security Service (Säpo) had had the man under observation for some time before his arrest.