Women's Rights Priority for New Ambassador

On Thursday the Swedish foreign office appointed the Secretary General of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, Torbjörn Petersson as Sweden's new Ambassador to Afghanistan. He sees a leap from the non governmental aid organisation to an important diplomatic post a challenge but has his issues he would like to push for.

Due in Kabul in September Torbjörn Petersson is happy to be going back to Afghanistan.

He has been working there for past two years with the civilian population and in the non governmental organisation which has been active in Afghanistan for more than thirty years. With some experience from the Swedish International Development Corporation Agency SIDA, and politics as a secretary general of the Liberal party in the nineties, Torbjörn Pettersson is now ready to take on a new challenge.

As an ambassador Torbjörn Pettersson will be responsible for everything concerning Sweden in Afghanistan.

Seeing the Swedish military presence in Afghanistan in line with other neutral missions Sweden has been engaged in during past fifty years Torbjörn Petersson has as a newly appointed ambassador his own priorities.