Running into Trouble in Gothenburg

The warm weather in Gothenburg on Saturday caused unusually many runners to collapse during the half-marathon through the city. 63 people were taken to hospital, most of them exhausted from dehydration. Five of them even had to be taken into intensive care. On Sunday morning, two men between the ages 35 and 40, were still under observation at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, although their condition was said to be stabile.

During the race, the thermometer hit 26 degrees Celsius. That is not extremely high, but according to the official doctor at the race, the fact that the spring has been unusually chilly in Gothenburg could mean the runners' bodies have not got used to heat again and therefore many do not drink enough.

With over 58000 runners this year, the "Gothenburg Loop" (Göteborgsvarvet) claims to be the biggest half-marathon in the world. The winner in the men's race was Sammy Kiprono from Kenya, who set a new record at the 21-kilometre race with the time 1.01,21. Winner of the women's race was Amane Gobena from Ethiopia (1.11,41).