Danish Interest in Sweden Dampened

The big interest among Danes to move to southern Sweden seems to have dampened, the news agency Tt reports. The first years after the Öresund Bridge was built ten years ago between the two countries, more people in Denmark have moved to Sweden than the other way around. The top year was 2007, 6,600 Danes came to live in Sweden, while 4,300 moved the other direction. But last year the number of moves were pretty much the same in both directions. The reason is assumed to be house prices. Between 2006 and 2009 house prices in Malmö, Sweden, increased by 13 %, while prices in Copenhagen, Denmark, dropped by 28%.

The link between Sweden and Denmark is a 7,8 kilometre long bridge, the 4 kilometre long island Pepparholm, a 3,5 kilometre long tunnel and a 430 metres artificial island. On average 20,000 commuters make the journey daily, of which most live in Sweden but work in Denmark.