Crime Bosses Choose Synthetic Drugs

Sweden’s organized crime leagues are rapidly expanding into the online trade in synthetic drugs, a joint report from Swedish Customs and the National Criminal Police reveals. As a side-effect, their presence in the heroin and ecstasy market has dwindled to insignificant levels.

“It’s no secret that we in customs and the police often jokingly say that Mr. Postman is the largest distributor of narcotics,” Lars Hansson, drug expert at Swedish Customs, told Swedish Radio News.

The police and customs have identified 27 new synthetic drugs on the Swedish market that are ordered on the Internet and then delivered to the customer by mail. The ingredients in the drugs often change, however, as the distributor is often forced to fiddle with the synthetic components as soon as a certain mixture is classified as a narcotic.

Then, the police say, the original drugs are put on sale just like normal goods.

According to the report, Europeans’ declining taste for heroin has contributed to the gangs’ entry into the synthetic drug market.